Trees Pland and Flowers

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Our main concern is the present site to become a tool in the hands of amateur and professional gardener, the farmer, the ecologist and generally those involved in amateur or professional with green.

The online encyclopedia of plants and Trees. gardening A recording of the material revolves around the plants, automatic irrigation, agricultural tools and machinery, with pictures, texts and references to plant health, techniques, etc.. The updated website will be frequent, and we will be close to your demands if you send us your comments on topics that interest you. We understand the visitors to the site for the possible delay in replying to questions sent, but is beyond our capabilities, because the number of questions we receive daily. These queries are recorded according to date and found in order of priority. At the same time trying to constantly upload new information on plants, plant diseases, etc.. We hope that gradually we will offer you all the information of the area despite the huge range of the object.
Native plants & Herbs

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