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Copy and paste the following HTML code on the pages you wish to display the Flag counter:

Changes on your counter can be done any time as you wish.

-You may change the number of countries to display on your counter initially is set to 5 -(simply change this number to the one you prefer),If is set to Zero then no country flags are shown.
-The font_color (initially is set to blue),and the statistics color represent the Colors of the fonts initially set to red
-The background_color (initially is set to transparent)is the color of the counter background. To change this variable you need to select the color you prefer.For Example: for white background type: var background_color="white";
The height(250) and width(120) of the counter can be set as well.
-Set Stats to 'yes' if you prefer to show your site statistics and to 'no' if you don't.
-Set countries to Zero ,'0', if you don't want to display any flags.
-Select Language for the Counter Statistics:English , Afrikaans , Armenian, Albanian , Bulgarian, Arabic, Chinese, Estonian , Japanese, Finnish , Filipo, French , German , Greek , Hebrew , Hindi , Hungarian , Italian , Indonesian, Korean, Latvian , Lithuanian , Maltese , Norwegen , Russian, Polish , Portuguese , Romanian , Slovakian , Slovenian , Spanish , Swedish , Turkish , Catalonian , Chech , Croatian , Danish , Dutch , Thai , Ukrainian.