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Real time Web Stats displays the traffic of web pages and blogs as it happen Live. We provide a big variety of statistics and analytics to help webmasters analyse and increase their traffic. Web Statistics provides many choices on what to show on your Webpage or blog. Its quick and easy to join Web Stats in less than 60 seconds.Free Sign up

Select what to display on your page:
• Countries Visitors
• Your Basic statistics
• Online visitors
• Latest visitors
• Hit Counter
• Flag Counter
• All the Above or any combination of the above (Horizontal or Vertical )
• A Small image icon
• A Configurable hit counter (Select the font style, colour , size, background colour)
• Invisible Web Tracker

After sign up you just copy and paste to your site the source code provided where you like your flag counter to appear, add a free Flag Counter to your webpage and show flags of the countries where your visitors come from! You can change the Countries Visitors display to show only your Basic statistics or your Online visitors or the Latest visitors or Hit Counter or Flag Counter or All the Above or any combination of the above (Horizontal or Vertical display) or A Small image icon or A Configurable hit counter (Select the font style, colour , size, background colour) or an Invisible Web Tracker, the choice is yours!

TOP 10 Sites list:

Free Webpage statistics, flag counter for websites and blogs. Get it free from this site and count your visitors hits. Sweetable for blogspot visitors counter. Free hit counter for your blog or webpage.

Display the Visitors Counter of your blog or webpage. Select what to show on your statistics.You have unlimited number of options to select from. You have the option to display your blog visitors today, yesterday, this week, this month, last month, total visitor, visitors country flag, online visitors, hit counter and many visitor statistics combination. Flag counter is a clever image display of your website visitors. You may change the style of your blog visitors display any time you wish.
Get you free Web page statistics tool at: Free Sign up

Free Hit Counter, Visitor Tracker, Flag counter and Web Stats in one.

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