Unexplained phenomena - World mysteries

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Technology in our life

Technology is changing in very high rates the last 2 decates this rate of change will increase the next years

The needs of life, first the needs of survival, leading man with animal cognition (homo sapiens), construction tools service life, to devise technical means, to facilitate the collection of food, later to produce goods for transfer to be protected from risks, to improve their lives. All the instruments man invents or improves (by a rod, allowing it to download from the high-fruit tree, as the current electronic network that allows any-to-hold in Congress while Siatista or participation in monitoring Siatistinous sit in their living room in Melbourne), all these tools are artifacts, and remarkable service, beneficial or harmful and dangerous, according to the use to be made by those who invented or improved, or certainly use: for service Man or the extermination of fellow, for promote Anthropismou2 or slipping into barbarism, for the improvement or deterioration civilization the lives of others Ā«civilizedĀ». In all areas of social action is possible for technology to contribute significantly to the positive result: to produce goods, on economic relations, on the structure and organization of society for political action, on power relations, to contact people, on international - international relations,
With awe Asia followed the higher the total eclipse of the century  Greater total eclipse of the century The longest total eclipse of the Sun for the 21st century, attended hundreds of millions of people in Asia.
What is the universe? What is the universe? Will anyone of those human that live will see things happenig?
We live in a giant cosmic bubble? We live in a giant cosmic bubble yes or not
transplanted pig cells in experimental diabetic A relatively small biotech company in New Zealand is preparing to transplant cells of newborn pigs in eight volunteers suffering from Type I diabetes (juvenile diabetes).
Transatlantic telescope A unique project by joining the 22 May in London and New York. This is a huge electronic''telescope'', which has been placed on Tower Bridge, from which it is visible - through''telescope''- the Brooklyn Bridge in New York.
The power of mind Hopes for greater independence for people with serious mobility problems are two monkey that managed to launch a robotic arm the strength of mind and motivation with the consumption of small delicacies!
The first robot that goes dentist The first robot that visited the dentist is a reallity
Solution for the problem of mosquitoes Italians finally found an environmentally friendly and safe entlos solution to the problem of mosquitoes that make our lives difficult in the summer!
Shaped beach on the banks of a deep canyon on Mars Scientists have identified, which is palpable proof of the existence of water at some of the red planet.
New map for our galaxy. Astronomers showed the best map of our galaxy has ever produced. The new image shows the spiral galaxy like our showing in a very distant observer
Mobile revealed, People, creatures of habit, confirms a large experiment American researchers secretly watched the movements of 100,000 people, through their mobile phones, and confirmed that people are creatures of habit: most spend almost their entire lives within a radius of 10 km from home.
Lithium will replace oil Lithium will replace oil very soon, good news
Laser temperature at 10 million degrees British scientists have managed to heat the material at a temperature of 10 million degrees Celsius, a temperature much higher than that present on the surface of the sun using the most powerful laser in the world.
Invisible Man Invisible Man is it a reallity or just a fantastic story
Films for pay plans in YouTube Pay to view videos on Youtube
Disease like AIDS kills wild chimpanzees  Ultimately destroyed the impression of scientists that chimpanzees do not manifest symptoms of the immunodeficiency virus in monkeys, that the HIV virus that affects humans
Car that runs on water Water is the only source for this car to run.
Bike that does not fall revolutionary bike immediately activated automatically to balance
Aliens at Roswell Roswell Myth or Reality?
2012 the year of changes
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