UFO and paranormal phenomena

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Roswell UFO 1947

Independence Day (4 July) 1947, or somewhere around there, during a thunderstorm near Roswell in New Mexico, a program of the American Air Force used a high-altitude balloons, went wrong with the balloon to pop and fall to Earth. This trivial fact in the history of flight identification proved to be the Big Bang of UFOlogias. The followers of the UFO seen on July 4 as the day when a UFO fell to Earth. UFOlogoi Some argue that the Air Force, other governmental conspirators and others, collected and aliens who went to autopsy or investigation. Others argue that all our modern technology created by analyzing and copying the alien technology found there. The actual site of the crash was the ranch Foster 75 miles north of Roswell, a small town that does a great job, taizontas the insatiable appetite of UFOlogon. The Roswell now has two UFO museums and also hosts an annual festival alien. The feed stores this strange tourist bazaar, like Inverness, which feeds the crowd go to see the monster of Loch Ness. That seems a little unfair to the city Corona New Mexico, since this is the nearest town from the place of crash. The Roswell but the nearest military base, and that is what led the supposed wreckage of an alien craft and the aliens themselves. Why not aliens led to a better medical facility, remains a mystery. The William "Mac" Brazel, foreman of the ranch Foster, along with a girl 7chrono the Dee Proctor, were the most famous ruins in modern history. They had seen nothing like it. Millions now agree: the objects were strange. Basically it was quite prose, as a strengthening piece band seemed to flower, and the shape of thought that was alien hieroglyphics. But the Air Force was not consistent in describing the wreckage and said that strong UFOlogoi had a small problem with the recollection of the original event. Perhaps what people reminisce as a fact, be a mixture of several events occurring in different years. The possibility that the crash in Roswell is a reconstruction of several events occurring over many years, reinforced by the fact that Roswell was ignored by UFOlogous until Charles Berlitz and William Moore to publish a book on the subject in 1980, more than 30 years after the original event occurred. The National Enquirer newspaper also brought to the fore in Roswell in 1980, with a story that contained the Jesse Marcel, an Army Major, who in 1947 was responsible for a press release saying that the army is in possession of parts of a flying disc , of the kind had stated that he had seen a few weeks before the Kenneth Arnold. The Roswell was one of the hundreds of "Popular" which were reported shortly after after the media spread the "flying saucer" by Arnold. The success of the film in close contact Third Press (1977) probably contributed to the atmosphere that led to the rise of Roswell, as the Phoenix from the ashes alien, until the top of the list of legends of UFOlogias, some three decades after the alleged fact . UFO lovers trust the Berlitz and others with fantastic stories based on memories 30 years. That the government has been inconsistent and errors is considered as sufficient proof that there is a giant conspiracy by the government and the media. They try to hide the truth from the public that aliens have come. Some believe that the U.S. has signed a deal with aliens. The skeptics agree that something synetrivi in Roswell in 1947, but an alien vessel. The skeptical explanations ranging from weather balloons to airplanes to aporita espionage devices. The general consensus now exists among the skeptics is that what Brazel found on the ranch was part of the Mongul, a top secret project that examined the use of balloons to fly at high altitude, to detect Soviet nuclear explosions. For the skeptics in Roswell is a classic example of the DH Rawcliffe called retrospective falsification. An amazing story said, after exoraismeni and retell the preferred points accented with adverse points "disappear". The false witnesses and they put the brick, as the mortician Glen Dennis (Gildenberg 2003). In the case of Roswell, have some unreliable witnesses add their own illusion, such as Whitley Strieber, Budd Hopkins and John Mack (see the entry for the alien abductions). There is also the Robert Spencer Carr, a high school graduate who likes to shout the "Professor Carr". O Carr is a hero in the literature of the UFO, but the stories of flying saucers and alien were all illusions. The son wrote: "I regret very much that the pathological chicanery of my father proved to be the foundation on which stoivachtike such a monstrous mountain of lies" (Carr 1997). It was this lie that mountain became part of history UFOlogy, and take faith in an incredible story. It happened at Fatima (in a period where the only aliens visiting our planet, is believed to be messengers of God) and was in Roswell.
Roswell UFO file What happened at Roswell
The first UFO report According to public opinion and knowledge, the first report on UFO installed in the 1940s around the time of the famous sightings in Roswell, but a quick visit to the past can be shown that this is not the reality.
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