Unexplained phenomena - World mysteries

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Is the truth finally only through us, and believe only in ourselves and not in religions?

Nobody can dispute the fact that by the time when, anywhere on earth if that happens, what you impose on religion, God, Goddess and Gods must believe. In the beginning of your life, unfortunately they make you what they want, and the worst is that they create and the analogous (educational and social) structures, in order to get to the rectum of the selection made for you, when the faith is not even politaly checked, but purely internal process. Within us is right. We believe in our perception of Truth, which changes each time after a new material, is also looking at every moment, as you never seen "PERFECT" even from our own and may not be drawn through any form of violence in collective or group consciousness . Religion is the work of God distorted by human.
Sacrifices to strange religions It is unbelivable there are sacrifices to strange religions
Religion reality or fake Religion is a brain wash that is difficult to change
Relegion on planet earth There are so many relagion on this planet all have some common points
History of Religion History of Religion on this planet
2012 the year of changes
About God
Ghost Stories
Gods and Satans
History of experiments cern
Mora: Myth or reality
Planet Earth Stories
Simple Solutions
Stories outside earth
Strange Stories
Unexplained Stories
Unidentified flying object
Unsolved Mysteries
What is time

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