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Pregnant by aliens

Woman claims that she became pregnant by ... aliens!

This story was broadcast on Italian television by Jaime Maussan, a Mexican journalist and researcher ufo. The Giovanna, a woman 41chroni Sardinia, argues that last summer was abducted by aliens, who led after flying into the album, made a series of biological experiments in the body!

The testimony has all the elements that are described from time to time by those who claim to have been kidnapped by aliens: flying saucer, telepathic communication, green men, of unknown origin implants in the body etc.

The Giovanna, claims to have possession of visual material from both the - green, flying saucer, and from an alien - which you can see and judge the video below.

The point at which the different history, the pregnancy - which claims to have discovered immediately after the kidnapping! During the medical examinations to identify possible changes in the body, the heart beats gynecologist found in the belly, but initially could not find baby!

A few weeks later, ultrasound showed a "strange hybrid" in her uterus, which was surgically removed! In the show, as you can see in the video presented the "alien" creature turned out the doctors from the woman's body!

The same in an interview, argued that aliens seeking desperately creatures that resemble them because they are threatened with biological extinction! They hope that by helping people manage to reproduce and thus create a hybrid that will survive!

Watch-admittedly an extreme-Italian 41chronis testimony and the "documentary" which says it has! The findings, yours! You can comment on the topic, "Woman claims that she became pregnant by aliens ..."!

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