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Modern Olympics

The first Olympic Games after their long pause, made in 1896 in Greece

Greece - Athens 1896 the first olympics The place was the Athens and was one of the best events after the bad years that have passed Greece. At these Olympics, a new game called «Marathon». This game was invented by Frenchman Michel Brel and recommended to the Pierre de Coubertin. This was inspired by an ancient incident: «On 13 August 490 BC The Athenians, under General Miltiadis, overcome the Persians in the plain of Marathon. A soldier has to carry the message of victory in Athens. Start loaded guns and made the running path. When the police arrived, vociferation "Nenikikamen" and fell dead. The later tradition is to pass from a point where the villagers shouting "Stop! Stop it! "To learn the outcome of the battle. The area was named Stop. Elsewhere, the first marathon runner kontostathike to breathe, because almost out of the soul. The area was named Psychiko. » Great player matches were Spyros Louis who won the Marathon for the first modern Olympic Games. Spyros Louis in 2 hours and 58 minutes ended with the first applause of the 70,000 spectators. The first medals came in the U.S. with 11 gold, 6 silver and 2 bronze medals, while the Greeks took 10 gold, 19 silver and 18 bronze.
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Modern Olympics
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