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The first major civilization of India was developed around 2500 BC, on the shores of the Indian River, characterized by the prominent role of priests.

Followed the Martian invasion of tribes from Central Asia (1500-200 BC), who conquered the north, while the original inhabitants fled to the south. Uptake occurred, which reinstated the sovereignty of the priests, while the 8th century BC and appears in the caste system, with strict rules which confirmed the primacy of the priests. With the advent of Buddhism in the 5th century BC, the caste system was first questioned. Between 40 and 500 AD, Hinduism epanekampse, while Buddhism has experienced a decline. The northern part of the country was divided into small kingdoms until the descent of Muslims during the 10th and 11th century. In contrast, the southern part remained unaffected by the upheavals in the north and committed to Hinduism. From 1192 until 1212, the region of the Ganges was under the sovereignty of Muslim Goura. Then the Mongols conquered the emperors and Punjabi ypetaxan the Sultan of Delhi in 1525. Later, the empire of Marathi anakatelave and expanded the territories of Mongolia, achieving the unification of most of the country until the British conquest. However, the British presence was the only European presence in India since the Portuguese controlled Goa since 1510, while the French, the Danes and the Dutch had trading posts. Since 1803, when British synetripsan the dynasty of Marathi, the bulk of the country was under the financial control of East India Company, which had installed the first commercial station in Sourat, in 1612. Until the 19th century, Britain had gained control of most of the Indian peninsula. After World War II, pressures on Decolonization and establish an independent state became more pronounced. But the existence of significant Muslim population, led to the British plan to create two independent states, India and Pakistan. Followed by violence in exchange for people to achieve uniformity of religion and in 1947 the India-declared independent secular state
Taj Mahal Tajganj the History The Taj Mahal is the main destination of package holidays taken in India. But it is also a world monument of love
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