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Human building

Meet amazing buildings; The fantastic art of nature meets human buildings learn about the most important buildings in planet earth

Discover human buildings. The best buildings in this planet made by men.Buildings made of natural materials feel more human.
The Eiffel tower The Eiffel tower has a height of 324 meters and weighs 10,100 tonnes. It has 1665 steps to reach the 125 m and 3 storeys to 95 m in 125m. and 310 meters.
The Chinese wall The Chinese wall is an old fortification project in northern China and is the largest building in the world.
Taj Mahal Tajganj the History The Taj Mahal is the main destination of package holidays taken in India. But it is also a world monument of love
Notre Dame Paris The famous cathedral in Paris,Notre Dame Paris, is one of the remarkable architectural monuments of the Gothic.
Louvre museum Louvre has become an important museum and the world
Auschwitz - visit Ausschwitss Auschwitz is the largest cemetery in the world: more than one million people, men, women and children, were murdered there.
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