UFO and paranormal phenomena

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We are alone or not

We are alone in this world or not?

It is selfish to think that we are alone in an entire universe. In a solar system can be, but there is only one solar system alone. We accept therefore that there is life beyond the Earth. Why are more developed than us? Why is smarter, because in the final to be friendly if the earth was more developed, and found life on another planet being Neantertal what do you think would do? Probably will take them for not slavishly so, because they give us help? It may be another form of life impossible to grasp, is not material, intellectual, water, is airy and I know Draba say. What does Draba not know but it may be in the form of simple, why are feet, hands in the final mind! Maybe for them, our physical reality is something beyond the limits of their imagination, their brains, and I know of the mocha. I want to say that perhaps in our solar system to life forms are impossible to imagine, understand, listen. Nothing is given because nothing proven.
Aliens coined for our slaves? Did aliens have humans for slaves?
Allen Hynek talk about aliens and ufos The following are the views of Allen Hynek about alien existance, as presented at the MUFON conference in 1983.
Apollo 20 Apollo 20, a space mission that nobody ever heard
Brazilian UFO file cases UFO in brazil the cases
Data for existence of life Data for existence of life
German UFO technology UFOs in Germany
Is there life outside Are we alone or not? Both yes and no are so hard to say
Let UFO live in our mind We need to see them in order to belive in UFOs
Mathematical equation discovers ... aliens! Mathematical equation discovers that aliens do exist
Planets that are located outside of our solar system Planets that are located outside of our solar system
The black UFO  Strories for UFO and memories
UFO a psychological phenomenon Why Do the people who speculate about aliens, having seen an eye, already have some "knowledge"-views on this issue in contrast to others that we let the matter as psychological phenomenon
UFO in belgium UFOS fly over belgium
UFO in Toungkouska UFO Strikes earth; One hundred years later, the mystery remains in Toungkouska
UFO over Crop Circles in England UFO over Crop Circles South Alton Barns England August 14, 2008, watch this amazing video and you will say waooo they do exist
Ufo over Germany Ufo over Germany
UFO over mexico city Historic UFO over Mexico City August 6, 1997 is one of the most popular videos all over the wold
Why the aliens do not contact us? Why the aliens do not contact us?
Taken by Aliens
UFO around the planet
UFO cases
UFO crash
UFO in ancient years
We are alone or not

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